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Greetings, readers and passers-by :

My name is Jonathan, and I am a Roman Catholic pianist, organist, composer, and musician.

Within the context of being Catholic,

For nine years, I played the organ and directed a men’s chant schola for a Traditional Latin Mass community chaplained by the FSSP, where we also started a children’s chorister program ;

I currently do diverse freelance work as a pianist, as well as teach private lessons ;

Also, I am interested in (electronic) typesetting and engraving, e.g. with TeX and Gregorio.

This blog was begun in A.D. 2011 in order that I might have a platform from which to make available various projects or ideas of mine to the general public.

Among these, a continuing project is the promotion of the singing of the Officium Parvum Beatae Mariae Virginis, which has seemed to me a very feasible/accessible form of the Office for the average person or family. To this end, I am currently working (when I have time) on compiling and typesetting a practical book for singing this Little Office, which when completed will also include diverse appendices, as well as certain explanatory materials.

Vale in Domino !


  1. Hello Mr Jonathan K,
    I saw your comment on the CMAA forum about the trope “Sanctissimus namque Gregorius” and I found your blog. By the way: thanks for rewritting this piece of music.
    I also read your comment about the tract “Qui habitat”, one of my favourites. 🙂 I like the way you coloured the various patterns, it is interesting and it must help. So I added a link to your analyze on my page about propers, where you can also read my own analyzis:
    You’re lucky to have sung the whole piece. I wanted it to sing whole too but it was agreed it would be too long. So we only did the first and last verse in Gregorian melody and the rest in psalm tone. I am not sure there are many people in the world who sing it whole, if by any chance they sing Gregorian chant.

    Anyway I encourage you to continue in Gregorian chant.
    God bless.
    Jacques Perrière

    P.S.: I am NOT on Facebook. 🙂

  2. sonflower permalink

    Hi Jonathan,
    My family and I have really enjoyed Saint Felix and the Spider. I was surprised to find out it was self-published. Would you mind sharing the company your family used?
    God Bless and Merry Christmas!
    Sandra Clark

  3. I wanted to add a brief note thanking you for your efforts. I plan to introduce my students to your Rosary Antiphon packet–possibly with prolix responsories for the intro to the set of mysteries. Also, continue the work on the Little Office–very interesting! Let me know if you need help setting GABC scores for any projects. I’m not as fast as you, I would guess, but I have time I can devote. bgeorge77 at ye olde g-mail dot com.

  4. Fr. Paul-Isaac Franks permalink

    Dear Jonathan,

    hanks for all your work. Is your typeset PDF for Veni Veni Emmanuel in the public domain? May I reproduce it for non-profit purposes?


  5. In general, printouts that I have posted online are meant for people to use reasonably as printouts, and I suppose this would always be non-profit.

    For folks wanting to do something more formal, large-scale, or publication-like, I would appreciate being asked about it.

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