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A couple of recordings for Matins of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary

August 30, 2020

At the request of a reader, here are five recordings of different segments of Matins from the Little Office of the Blessed Virgina Mary. The edition which I am singing from is my work-in-progress book, of which the working title is Officium Parvum Beatae Mariae Virginis Appendicesque Diverses. (By the way, leave me a note in the comments if you are interested in the project and would like me to e-mail you my current draft version for your personal use and non-distribution. I’ve been tinkering with this for years, and have never been ready to post it, because it will always be subject to change until I am at last finished.)

A note on sources: The common melodies follow the Vatican Edition Antiphonale Romanum (1912), of which the latest edition with Solesmes rhythmic markings is from 1949, with the most recent additions dating as late as 1960. The chants particular to Matins are taken from Le Petit Office de la Tres Sainte Vierge (1893). In my edition, I have added rhythmic signs to these. The mediant and flex used in the psalms are according to the Antiphonale. For psalms not found in the Antiphonale, I was able to consult an Officium Majoris Hebdomadae (1949) published by H. Dessain, Mechlin, which follows a Vatican typical edition from the 20’s that I’ve never seen. The readings are pointed by myself.

[Side note: some day when I really have nothing better to do, I want to go through the above-mentioned Holy Week book, and see if between this and the other Vatican Edition books all 150 psalms are covered. If so, that would be a remarkable bit of information that should be more widely trumpeted.]


I take the festal tone for the Deus in adjutorium, but on a feria you would take the simple tone instead. For the Wednesday/Saturday psalms I take the antiphon Post partum Virgo inviolata permansisti, which would not be sung in Advent. For the readings, I take the ordinary tone, which can always be used. In place of the 3rd responsory, I take the Te Deum, which in the Little Office is sung on feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary occurring at any time of the year, and in addition on all the days outside of Advent and the time from Septuagesima to Holy Saturday inclusively. There is no indication as to when the solemn or simple tones for this should be used, so I took the solemn tone.

* * *

Recording 1 — The beginning of Matins to the end of the Hymn:


Recording 2 — The Psalms sung on Sunday/Monday/Thursday:


Recording 3 — The Psalms sung on Tuesday/Friday


Recording 4 — The Psalms sung on Wednesday/Saturday


Recording 5 — The Verse, Our Father, Absolution, Blessings, Readings, Responsories, and Te Deum:


P.S. — If anyone wants further recordings later in the year, I guess just give a shout out and I will see what I can do. 

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  1. I am very interested in seeing your book – I have the little blue Baronius Press books, but tend to make my own booklets to sing from.

  2. I e-mailed it to you last Monday, did you get it? If not, shoot me an e-mail at jmkadarkallen at verizon dot net.

    • Thank you, yes I did. You have done an amazing job – the complete chant plus much more. Even the Divine Mercy chaplet! It is amazing.

  3. Dear Jonathan,

    I learned about you from Veronica Brandt (

    My wife and I have started a new model of Catholic education called The Sanctuary Academy and we would like the Little Office of the BVM to be part of our culture there.

    Could you email me your “Officium Parvum Beatae Mariae Virginis Appendicesque Diverses”?

    I would be most grateful!

    michael dot c dot x dot sullivan at gmail dot com.

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