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Compline from the Little Office – a complete set of mp3’s

June 18, 2013

Below are linked mp3’s all the possible components of Compline from the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, arranged into a “flow-chart” for instant-use convenience. Incidentally, one of my ideas that I don’t see implementing myself any time soon would be to make files like this for the entire little office, and then make a page similar to but generating playlists, not pages of text. It would keep track of the calendar, but you could also put in personal preferences for things like the tones used for the collects. But I digress. Still, all the files linked below can be found on my mp3-storage page here.

Ad Completorium ex Officio Parvo B. Mariae Virginis.

At Compline from the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


1. Vs. Converte Nos.


2. The Vs. Deus in adjutorium


3. Psalms 128, 129, & 130.


4. The Hymn. Memento rerum Conditor.


5. The Little Chapter.

  • Ego mater. (Extra Adventum – From Christmas until Advent)


6. The Verse.

a) Ora pro nobis. (Extra Adventum – From Christmas until Advent)

b) Angelus Domini. (In Adventu – During Advent)


7.  The “Nunc dimittis”.


8. The Vs. Domine exaudi and the Prayer. (either tone may be used ad lib.)

a) Beatae et gloriosae. (Per Annum – From Candlemass until Advent)

b) Deus qui de B. M. V. utero. (In Adventu – During Advent.)

c) Deus qui salutis aeternae. (Post Nativitatem – From Christmas until Candlemass)


9. The Vs. Benedicamus Domino with the Blessing Benedicat et custodiat.


10. The Marian Antiphon

a) Alma Redemptoris Mater (starting at Vespers of Saturday before the 1st Sunday of Advent)

b) Ave Regina caelorum (starting at Compline of Feb. 2nd)

c) Regina caeli. (starting at Compline of Easter Sunday)

d) Salve Regina. (starting at First Vespers of the Feast of the Blessed Trinity)


11. [the Vs. and] The Prayer followed by the Vs. Divinum auxilium.

The letters I’ve given these match the above :

a) Gratiam tuam quaesumus Domine. (In Adventu – During Advent)

a’) Deus qui salutis aeternae. (starting with First Vespers of Christmas)

b) Concede misericors Deus.

c) Deus qui per resurrectionem.

d) Omnipotens sempiterne Deus.


Laus Deo

Et Beatae Mariae

  1. Correction: note that the tone for the versicles marked “in all other cases” is not actually supposed to be used in such places as this, and ought not to have been included in this set of recordings.

  2. Note: I have come to doubt that the two “special” tones are meant to be used for the psalms.

    Also, I think it probable that the simple tones of the Marian antiphons are not “Vatican Edition”.

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