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Officium Defunctorum : Office for the Dead mp3’s

April 8, 2013

I have just made some rough-and-ready (unedited takes, a few mistakes here and there) recordings of the entire Office of the Dead, following the version where all three nocturnes are said. In your charity please pray for the soul of my father’s mother, who died early yesterday morning (April 7th, 2013).


Here are the mp3’s :


Matins : invitatory

Matins : first nocturn

Matins : second nocturn

Matins : third nocturn



The music can be found in the Liber Usualis on pg. 1772, etc. (I would think this office would be nearly identical in older Libers as well).

And here is a link which will let you follow along in a book with a translation :

1915 Benziger Little Office/Office for the Dead on

(For the collect, put in pg. 368).

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