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Veni, veni, Emmanuel

November 28, 2012

There is a fun two-part version of Veni, veni, Emmanuel which I have had in mind for while, and so with advent approaching, here are:

1. A new pdf of the Score.  I wanted this to start on D to match the chant notation version which starts on Re; this makes it easier if you want to alternate chant and polyphony. (You could do chant first, polyphony first, or chant verse/polyphony refrain).  I also put the melody on the bottom, on the grounds that it is the cantus firmus as well as that this may make the counterpoint line easier to read.

2. Practice mp3’s of the Lower Part (ye old melody), the Higher Part, and Both Together.

That said, some informative notes about the history of this melody can be found here on NLM.  (If anyone can find the mentioned manuscript somewhere online, I would be glad to have a link.)

The text I used was taken from The Parish Book of Chant, where you can find this hymn in chant notation, along with a literal English translation.

The two-part music was taken from A New Book of Old Hymns.

The Monster at the bottom of my score is stolen from the 1891 Pothier Antiphonale ; thanks to the St. Jean Lalande Library of Rare Books for providing this and other fascinating chant books online.


One Comment
  1. Katie permalink

    Do you happen to have a recording of your arrangement available? My professor and I are doing a research project. We are looking for a recording of “Veni, Veni Emmanuel” sung in the traditional chant.

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