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Sequence for the Annunciation

March 26, 2012

Here is a sequence for the feast of the feast of the Annunciation.  A nice pdf Latin/English score can be found here, courtesy of Christopher McAvoy, and a rough video he did of it is below.  The metrical style I find attractive;  I wonder why it sounds more liturgical than a typical hymn – perhaps because it is modal? Medieval?  Anyhow, it could also be sung freely as well.   I could see this being quite nice as an English processional hymn before a Latin Mass.

From → Gregorian Chant

  1. Christopher William McAvoy permalink

    Thanks Jonathan… I will be participating in a ROCOR western rite mission near Harrisburg in October 2012. We plan to start singing vespers every single Sunday at about 6 PM with refreshments and a bible study afterward, we haven’t figured out what location specifically, but everything seems to be in place at last…we have the funds for it, hopefully God’s grace too.

    We’ll use this book primarily. With a few corrections (such as douay rheims psalm translation).

    “The Order of Vespers throughout the year: from the Salisbury use”

    Click to access Peter.pdf

    Thats the first 300 pages, the next 300 has the proper of saints, I am still scanning it.

    See you around town soon I hope. 🙂

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