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Booklet: Angelus, Regina Caeli, Grace before & after meals

January 16, 2012

Here is a new booklet/double-sided-sheet which I have made containing chants in Latin along with English translations for:

  • Grace before meals – Bless us O Lord etc. – this goes to the simple collect tone.
  • Grace after meals – We give Thee thanks etc. – ditto.
  •  Included with these is the versicle “May the divine assistance remain always with us./And may the souls of the faithful departed etc.”  (side note: I put this in because this is what we say at my house after grace; however, I have seen come across a couple of other things that could be done at this point, so it seems to vary.)
  •  The Angelus – the version by Dom Charpentier.  The three antiphons are typical of antiphons in mode 4 , and the Ave’s run to a slightly fancier version of the mode 4 psalm tone.
  • The Regina Caeli –  for Paschal time, instead of the Angelus.  This one is the simple tone.

At our house we say the Angelus along with (that is, before) our grace before meals.  This is somewhat of an approximation of the more traditional times of reciting it, which are 6am, noon, and 6pm. 

Finally, here are mp3’s of myself singing the contents of the booklet:

Grace before meals

Grace after meals

The Angelus: Throughout the year

The Regina Caeli: Paschal time

From → Gregorian Chant

  1. Great booklet, thanks muchly.

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