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By the way, I’m back.

January 7, 2012


So, what have I been up to since the beginning of Advent?  First, I must make the excuse, this is meant to be a useful blog.  If I don’t have anything useful to say, I don’t say it.  Theoretically.  After finals at school, when break started it was time to make Christmas presents like the rest of my siblings.  We also made three-thousand-some-odd cookies (see the Saracen’s head).  Then there were Christmas Masses for which to prepare.  After which was the real break, and new presents, eating of cookies, etc.  (The presents this year seemed unusually useful, I might add.)  And now, today I am giving a recital of the Goldberg Variations of J.S. Bach.

Anyways, here are some things which might be of general interest, but haven’t got their own posts yet:

  • Chant highlights of Advent, Christmas:

Alma Redemptoris Mater (good til Feb. 2, by the way)

 Rorate Caeli (a must-know introit)

Dominus Dixit (introit), Dominus Dixit (alleluia), and In Splendoribus (midnight Mass)

Puer Natus (Christmas morning; a favorite with the schola; when we first tried this, I was only just beginning to figure out what a proper was, aside from Rossini.)

  • On Christmas Eve, I decided to try to sing the office as found in the Liber, starting with Prime.  This is a really interesting project, and I did it again for Epiphany.
  •  During break I put together booklets for Prime, Terce, and None from the Little Office to go with the one for Sext I did already.  Sometime after I check them, I will post them, along with a corrected one for Sext.
  • Since the first Sunday of Advent I have been able to sing Sext  from the Little Office with one or two men from the schola after Mass.
  • I got Finale 2012 for Christmas, so sometime this year I may actually get around to posting compositions of mine.   

Well, that’s all for now.

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