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Matins video from NLM

September 29, 2011

Since I just spent the last ~20 minutes listening to a video of Carthusians singing Matins over on New Liturgical Movement, I thought I could at least get a blog post out of it.  Here are some observations:

It is probably important to listen to monks doing chant live, not just professionally released recordings.

The pitch level of the chants is low; psalms reciting on F-sharp; this is likely very practical.  However, the sound is clear.

These monks slow way down every time they do the Gloria Patri.  I hadn’t heard of this custom before.

When they do a psalm of which the antiphon is the same as the beginning of the psalm, they do not repeat this text when moving on to the psalm-tone melody.

The rhythm of the hymn is charming, sort of a hesitation on the notes marked with an episema.

Reading the Little Office has succeeded in familiarizing me with the structure of Matins.

That is all for now.

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