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Booklet for sung Rosary with Gregorian antiphons

August 9, 2011

Here it is: Rosarium Booklet online release

The explanation:

I made this booklet to enable the rosary to be sung in Gregorian chant in a manner similar to an hour of the divine office:  the prayers at the beginning may be spoken, recited recto tono, or sung to psalm tones in directum; each decade has the form of a psalm with antiphon; the Salve Regina is sung at the end, concluding with the collect from Oct. 7 (feast of OL of the Rosary).  Included ad libitum are the antiphon Oremus pro Pontifice, the St. Michael Prayer, and the Memorare.   

The 15 antiphons for the mysteries of the rosary are taken from CMAA’s online edition of Cantus Selecti 1957.  The other melodies may be found in diverse sources; I believe I referenced the Liber Usualis 1962 and the Parish Book of Chant.  The Fatima Prayer is from an FSSP booklet, and the rest are from various online sources.  The arrangement of the materials and the rubrics are my own; they are what seemed to me a logical way of clothing the rosary in chants from the divine office. 

The booklet’s formatting is based on the way vespers are laid out in the Liber Usualis.  For this reason, I put all of my instructions/”rubrics” in Latin.  Perhaps I may want to make an English version at a later time, but this version was done this way in part to introduce users to navigating an all-Latin book.  It also has the advantage of being suitable for use by users of any language.

Everything in the booklet is newly engraved using the Gregorio live demo page which was posted about on Chant Café a while back.  I took the pdf’s which this site produces and copied them into a word document so that I could arrange the different pieces.  Finally I printed the booklet as a pdf.  This is probably not the ideal way to use Gregorio, but it works, and the file above is of good quality.

Any suggestions or corrections are welcome, although I have tried to make this version as polished as possible.

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  1. Thank you very much!

  2. The following error has been noticed, and not yet corrected: the word “Pilato” in the Creed should have the accent on the second syllable, not the first.

  3. BenB permalink

    Excellent work on the booklet, Jonathan. It really reinforces the relationship between the rosary and the Divine Office. I commend you for your creative use of the Gregorio live demo page, as it was created precisely to make projects like this easier.

    The only error I’ve noticed in my limited use of the booklet is a missing mora vocis on page 6, in the antiphon Genuit Puerpera, the last syllable of the word ‘honore’. This hardly takes anything away from an overall wonderful work. Many thanks.

    –Ben in Louisiana

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